'Eli' the Japanese Mini Maple

'Eli' the Japanese Mini Maple

$ 135.00

I’m Eli the Japanese Mini Maple (Acer palmatum 'Sharps Pygmy'), and native to the mountains of Japan. In the fall, my star-shaped leaves changes to an orange red color. Please note I am a primarily outdoor tree. Allow me to spend most days/nights outside for fresh air and natural light.

I like morning sun or indirect afternoon sun in summer. Water me well about twice a week, or more often on hot sunny days. The best way to water is to submerge my pot for 20 minutes up to the rim and drain thoroughly. My soil should never dry out completely.

In winter, I like to rest up outside in a protected spot from November until spring, when my baby leaves, wakaba, start to appear again. During the winter months, keep me in temperatures between 25 - 55 degrees Fahrenheit. I am frost hardy, but must be protected when temperatures fall below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

I enjoy sunny and airy spots, but when temperatures rise to 85 Fahrenheit or above, move me to a spot with indirect sunlight to prevent my leaves from damage.

Symbolism: Aligned with the Fire element, the Japanese Maple is deeply intertwined with liveliness, passion, and enthusiasm. In Feng Shui, this strong energy is believed to foster motivation and determination. Interestingly, the Japanese Maple's Chi, 'Li,' guides harmonious energy flows, which strengthens communication and emotional bonds. This Chi is thought to encourage open and honest expression, and in conjunction with the Fire element, reduce conflict in the household.

Pot Size*    Medium: 5"W x 3.5"H x 3.5"O

*as no two handmade pots are the same, pot dimensions are best approximations