About Us

Dandy Farmer is founded on the need to honor nature daily through tree care. We foster this connection through learning, design, and maintenance. Bonsai are not only objects, they are living works of art where the life force of nature and the gentleness of human spirit meet. Caring for trees is the key to caring for oneself, allowing us to be present in mind, body and spirit. They are a reflection of our own evolving relationships with the land, a daily reminder of the unbreakable bond we share to survive.

Bonsai is the art form of shaping trees in small containers into scenes that portray the larger landscape. Our role is to make the world of bonsai easy for the aspiring bonsai parent. We focus on beginner friendly indoor bonsai, educate through frequent workshops, and provide ongoing styling and tree sitting services. We work with potters and other tree care professionals to create each of our bonsai, trained and finished in hand-made vessels, and nurtured to bring out their best characteristics. We collaborate with brands on special projects and limited edition works, and work with designers to make this art accessible in non-traditional settings.

Dandy Farmer was founded by Matthew Puntigam in 2016, with the goal of enhancing our livable spaces with small gardens. Dandy Farmer’s foundation is based on Matt’s belief in the power of transformation through personal interactions with nature, and the discoveries that are made possible when combining one’s imagination with the possibilities of the forest.

Today Dandy Farmer is an online e-commerce site and design studio. The plant nursery and retail location is headquartered in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.