About Us

founders hands holding bonsai on rooftop

Dandy Farmer is a Brooklyn, NY based bonsai design studio specializing in indoor and outdoor bonsai. We take plants to the next level so you can stay grounded and live better.

When we started living in the city, we found a stronger need to connect with nature, but owning a garden was an expensive luxury. How could we make them smaller? Enter bonsai gardens. We suddenly found what was missing in our lives - trees. Trees we could tend to, and trees that could teach us to slow down.

Bonsai is an art form of growing trees in small containers. Some people say it should be done a certain way. We don’t. Sure, there are basic rules, but we take bonsai techniques and apply them to all plants. Why? Because the beauty of bonsai is being able to spend more quality time with plants, whether or not you know what a knob cutter’s for.

This is about promoting a healthier relationship through observing and learning about nature.

We treat plants like our friends. We get to know their personalities, give them nicknames, and furnish them with a good home. That’s why our handmade bonsai pots are sturdy and protect the roots from harsh temperatures. Our soil mix is adjusted for each plant to make them healthier, and each bonsai has been preened by devoted hands for countless hours. When you spend enough time with these little ones, you’ll start to see their outsized approach to life: Mila S. hates change while Emilio Thrush races to the edge, and Blue Star Ren likes to give furry hugs while ignoring that brick wall right outside your window.

We love bonsai because they teach us how to live grittier, better lives. They put dirt in our hands, give us something meaningful to care for, and let our minds escape into a mini forested playground.