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“We believe that putting living works of art into your hands is healing, and that promoting meaningful exchanges with the land makes our lives more abundant,” the duo writes of their collection. Garden Collage, January 2017



"Dandy Farmer taps into bonsai as a way to transport the imagination – to the woods or open fields it represents, and scaling it to the palm of your hands. We should be able to look at a bonsai and imagine ourselves on a hill sitting underneath its canopy." HOKK fabrica, September 2017



"We stay focused and hone in on what we do well and make sure every move we make is thoughtful to our brand DNA. We also believe that a firm vision anchors our decisions and better shapes how we grow." On Bond Street, June, 2017


"Current Obsessions: In the Garden Shed. From mid-summer picnics to the upcoming solar eclipse, here's what we've had our eye on this week:" Gardenista, August 2017

"Every bonsai tree has its own story. Brooklyn-based modern bonsai studio Dandy Farmer is here to help tell them." Gardenista, April 2017



"My other Canal Street Market obsession is Dandy Farmer, which sells bonsai. I bought Adam one for Christmas, and I’d buy us more if we had outdoor space. (Some of the most interesting specimens like to winter outside.) We’ve also given two as gifts, including the one above." Tribeca Citizen, May 2017


"Dandy Farmer is a Brooklyn-based bonsai studio run by two guys who make yearly pilgrimages to Tokyo. Their list of go-to spots in the city include a mix of small specialty shops, museums, and bonsai gardens (of course)." Fathomaway, June 2017

"In an effort to uncover the best in travel, we spend a lot of time traversing the world — and the world wide web. Here are the goods we can't stop thinking and talking about this month." Fathomaway, July 2017


"What does sustainability mean to you? Making each decision with regard to how it impacts the whole. Giving back to the land more than one receives." Lightfoot Market, April 2017