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"You’re basically falling in love with a tree, and that’s profound in our ability to connect with nature. It’s easy to get absorbed in what you are doing when working with Bonsai, and it can be a meditative act of kindness. It’s healthy to feel dirt and leaves between your fingers every so often, especially if you live in a busy city where these interactions don’t happen regularly." Stylish with Jenna Lyons, December 2020

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...potentially more expert group is bonsai trees. One place best served to cater to the bonsai tree market is New York-based Dandy Farmer, which began “through a need to share plants, especially trees, with friends in small apartments.” As Matthew Puntigam, founder of Dandy Farmer, explains, he was drawn to this speciality because “trees create their own microclimates, trees attract life, oxygenating and purifying their air,” while “bonsai is a living work of art that will keep evolving over time." Hypebeast, June 2019


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"These odd little trees are an ancient art form, and they’re making a comeback in popular plant culture. “Trees touch us in a very deep, almost primal way,” says Puntigam. Whether you grew up climbing them as a kid or like to lackadaisically sit under them at the park today, there is something surreal and magical about growing a tree on your windowsill." Domino, May 2019


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"This Manhattan bonsai shop is a popular store among New Yorkers. After a closer look, you'll see that they are a little different than traditional Japanese bonsai." NHK News Japan, August 2018


“We believe that putting living works of art into your hands is healing, and that promoting meaningful exchanges with the land makes our lives more abundant,” the duo writes of their collection. Garden Collage, January 2017



"This online shop for modern bonsai could be your answer. Find options the range in size, color, and sculptural quality, from a lithe Snow Rose Serissa to a voluminous Hinoki Cypress. The store also sells various bonsai tools and accessories." Curbed, September, 2018

"Today we're shining a spotlight on nine of the best Instagram accounts for plantspiration. And, if this whets your appetite for all things houseplant, head on over to our guides for how and where to buy plants online." Curbed, September, 2018


"Current Obsessions: In the Garden Shed. From mid-summer picnics to the upcoming solar eclipse, here's what we've had our eye on this week:" Gardenista, August 2017

"Every bonsai tree has its own story. Brooklyn-based modern bonsai studio Dandy Farmer is here to help tell them." Gardenista, April 2017

"Is there a houseplant lover on your holiday gift list? Whether you’re shopping for a green thumb with a thriving collection of greenery or a first-time plant owner, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite presents to fit any budget." Gardenista, November 2018 


"My other Canal Street Market obsession is Dandy Farmer, which sells bonsai. I bought Adam one for Christmas, and I’d buy us more if we had outdoor space. (Some of the most interesting specimens like to winter outside.) We’ve also given two as gifts, including the one above." Tribeca Citizen, May 2017


"Dandy Farmer is a Brooklyn-based bonsai studio run by two guys who make yearly pilgrimages to Tokyo. Their list of go-to spots in the city include a mix of small specialty shops, museums, and bonsai gardens (of course)." Fathomaway, June 2017

"In an effort to uncover the best in travel, we spend a lot of time traversing the world — and the world wide web. Here are the goods we can't stop thinking and talking about this month." Fathomaway, July 2017