Dosenbo Wood Fired Planter Collection

This spectacular Dosenbo planter is handmade from the earth up in Dosenbo, Japan  just outside of the ancient capital of Nara.

The clay is hand harvested from the gritty earth of Dosenbo's mountains and wood-fired in an ancient type of tunnel kiln called Anagama for several days. The complex interaction of ash, salts, minerals in the clay and flame are what gives this wood-fired planter its unique characteristics. 

The result: a mysterious cornucopia of heavily textured minerals and particles of varying unpredictable darkness and lightness in color.

The planters come in two shapes. The Teppatsu Planter which is reminiscent of bowls Buddhists monks used to solicit food in ancient times and the Tsutsu Planter which resembles cylindrical Japanese tea bowls used during the winter season.

Exclusively designed for Dandy Farmer and handmade by ceramic Artist Shimizu Yoshiyuki from the mountains of Dosenbo, Japan.