General Bonsai Soil Mix
General Bonsai Soil Mix
General Bonsai Soil Mix

General Bonsai Soil Mix

$ 16.00

Our General Bonsai Soil Mix is our in-house blend consisting of 6 components that ensures water retention, proper drainage, and aeration to create the idea home for the long-term health of your tree. No fillers and all natural.

Bonsai Soil Components:

  1. Horticultural Charcoal:

    • Essential for creating air pockets, improving aeration, and drainage.
    • Boosts beneficial microbes, fostering a symbiotic relationship with plant roots.
  2. Calcined Clay:

    • Fired monto clay with 1/4 inch particles.
    • Prevents dry spots, poor drainage, and settling.
    • Ideal for bonsai, cactus, succulent, hydroponics, and soil amendment.
  3. Douglas Fir Bark Fines:

    • 1/4 Inch Fir Bark Fines for moisture retention and fast drainage.
    • Perfect for conifer bonsai soil mixes.
  4. Lava Rock:

    • Versatile soil additive or top dressing for bonsai.
    • Mix with other ingredients for a custom succulent, cactus, or bonsai soil.
  5. Coconut Coir:

    • Sustainable alternative to peat, sourced from coconut shells.
    • Holds water, provides positive drainage, and lasts for years.
    • Resolves concerns about salt buildup.
  6. Crushed Granite:

    • Maintains soil structure and adds weight to the pot.
    • Excellent drainage without decomposition over time.

Volume: 30 Ounces