Zipper Tool Case
Zipper Tool Case

Zipper Tool Case

$ 45.00

Black leather-type tool case with zipper closure. Features a wrist strap and four velcro straps on the inside to hold your tools in place. Fits approximately 6-8 tools, dependent on size. Made in Japan. Tools sold separately. 

How we use it: We don't go anywhere without our zipper tool case. It's the perfect size and holds all our essential bonsai tools without taking up too much space. It also helps us stay organized! 

Pictured: (Left-Right)

Satsuki Scissors

Wire Cutter

Aluminum Root Pick

Branch Cutter

Knob Cutter

Stainless Steel Bonsai Tweezers

Specifications:  Closed: 6"W x 9.75"L    Open: 13"W x 9.75"L    Wrist Strap: 0.5"W x 4"L