White 'Acorn' Planter
small handmade bonsai pots with drainage hole, white stoneware planters, frost resistant, three sizes small medium large
White 'Acorn' Planter
White 'Acorn' Planter
White 'Acorn' Planter

White 'Acorn' Planter

$ 30.00

Our stoneware pots are designed in Brooklyn and hand-thrown locally. They are finished with a white semi-gloss glaze to stand out from any other surface. All pots have large holes that allow for air circulation and good water drainage below. Pair with a matching white stoneware plate to complete the set. 

These pots are inspired by acorns, whose spherical shape makes it easier for little hands to carry (think squirrels). They feel great in human hands, too. Acorns are from oak trees, the most giving of trees, who represent patience, endurance, and strength. 

Pot Sizes (Diameter x Height x Opening Diameter)
(S) 4"D x 3"H x 3"O
(M) 5"D x 3.5"H x 3.5"O
(L) 6"D x 4"H x 4"O
(XL) 7"D x 5"H x 5"O
(XXL) 8"D x 5"H x 6"O
(9") 9"D x 6.5"H x 6.5"O
(10") 10"D x 6"H x 6.5"O

Exact dimensions and pattern vary slightly due to hand-made process.