Dandy Farmer Logbook

Cloning a Corkscrew

Cloning plants may sound a bit like creepy science, but it is a great way to get more of the plants that you love. Plant propagation is one of the most basic tools of a plant lover, and over time will save you lots of greenbacks. The methods are many, but if you are a beginner, cuttings take little to begin and is easy enough to try without harming your host plant. A great starter plant is Willow, both forgiving and strong. I used a corkscrew willow (salix matsudana 'golden curls') this spring, and now have a few dozen healthy saplings, waiting to be replanted later this year. Cuttings can be taken in late autumn to early spring. I chose spring, as it is when new shoots are...

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Living Desk Sculptures

Water and sunshine should be enough to keep your bonsai happy, but be sure to avoid the extreme temperature changes of being next to an A/C or heating unit, which may dry them out.

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Spring Bonsai

We welcome the addition of our first collection of spring bonsai in various shapes, housed in handmade white stoneware clay pots. If you enjoy flowering varieties, check out the Japanese Spiraea, Cotoneaster, and Blue Star Creeper. Keeping your bonsai inside is fine for a week or two, but they do like the wind and sunshine of a balcony or other outdoor space. Give them a good soak before placing them outside for some fresh air.   

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