'Chiku' the Hinoki Cypress

'Chiku' the Hinoki Cypress

$ 130.00

Rippled textures and abundant in shades of green, this cypress is a living sculpture, bringing interest and energy to any area of the home.

Call me Chiku. This pose took me a long time to perfect so don't be afraid to show me off in your home or office. Just find a place for me outside or near an open window, where I can spend time every few days. My wood is lemon scented and rot-resistant, which is why you find me in Japanese temples and baths. Water me well about once every 7-14 days. I like full or partial sun, which means 3-6 hours of strong sunlight. I'll stay green through winter but after November I like it cold. Find a protected corner away from heaters and strong winds and let me rest.

Pot Sizes*    Small: 4"W x 3"H    Medium: 5"W x 3.5"H    Large: 6"W x 4"H

*as no two handmade pots are the same, pot dimensions are best approximations