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Spring Mini Plant Styling Workshop

Join us in celebrating the first month of Spring season with a young Mini-Me version of our favorite bonsai trees! They're just as fascinating as their larger counterparts, except that they'll make your hands look massive! 🤚🏽

Learn the basics of bonsai techniques to work and style your own mini tree. In this workshop, you'll be able to select between a mini Podrik the Buddhist Pine Tree (this tree is as zen as they get!) or the very curious-looking Willow Leaf Ficus(its narrow willowy leaves mimic the Willow tree). Both are very easy care young indoor trees that can grow to be as larger trees.

Ticket price includes an easy care plant, one of Dandy Farmer's signature planters, soil, rocks, and care instructions.

LOCATION: Canal Street Market, 265 Canal Street, NYC
TIME: Saturday, April 20 from 4:00-6:00PM
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Earth Day

This unique bonsai opera collaboration between Dandy Farmer and opera singer Cassandra Douglas tells the tale of a fragile beauty and its fight for survival. For this project, Dandy Farmer Bonsai tapped into the work of NYC ceramicists Jonathan Castro and Kathryn Robinson-Millen to create one-of-a-kind vessels for our most prized trees that depict a crumbling earth rising from the destruction. With this performance, we hope to bring an awareness that our connection to our fragile environment is vital and that the first step in taking care of it is to recognize it's preciousness and it's weaknesses.

LOCATION: Ace Hotel New York, 20 West 29th St., NYC
TIME: Monday, April 22 from 8:00-11:00PM