Upper West Side Tea House

Inspired by the quiet atmosphere of Japanese temples, we designed this cedar teahouse as a retreat for the owners to enjoy the company of others while in the garden. The teahouse has a cabinet storage for a kettle and cups, and opens on to a dry rock garden which can be raked and patterned. Ferns, flowering azaleas, and dwarf lily turf create a lush forest-floor planting, while a sculpted Japanese maple anchors the planting bed and marks the entrance to a stone pathway that leads to the tea house sliding door entrance. Our goal was to create a space that encourages creativity while contemplating the changing seasons. Future programming includes use as meditation, calligraphy, and yoga room.


East Village Rooftop

This open rooftop terrace was designed to accommodate summer gatherings dinner parties. A storage bench next to the dining table allows a place for cushions and tablecloths, while keeping the center area free for extra seating or standing guests. The plantings include visual screening for privacy on the lower dining terrace, and wild grasses and sun loving blooming perennials on the upper terrace. The clients love having a place to enjoy good weather, so we created a lounge area with turf to encourage sitting on the ground for intimacy. The garden is both a low-water and pollinator attracting garden, to help attract butterflies and local beneficial insects. 

East Village Rooftop East Village Rooftop East Village Rooftop East Village Rooftop  

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