Garden Design

At Dandy Farmer Garden Design, we offer full-service garden design services, including garden design, installation, and maintenance.

From rooftop gardens to full-scale landscaping, our gardens are recognised for our mindful Japanese aesthetic, clean architectural lines, and nature inspired planting. We collaborate with clients to create design solutions that meet their vision and budget.

Why Japanese Gardens?

In Japan, gardens are often sacred spaces, taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and transforming it into a stylized work of art. Japanese gardens utilize natural elements such as ponds, streams, islands and hills to create miniature or symbolic reproductions of a natural scene. Stones and gravel also play a huge role in Japanese gardens. Large stones symbolize mountains and hills while smaller rocks and gravel are used to line ponds and streams. A popular form of the Japanese garden are dry gardens which are comprised entirely of stones, representing both land and water.


Upper West Side Tea House
Upper West Side Tea House Garden
East Village Rooftop Terrace
Flatiron Indoor Rock Garden
Grand Central Installation
Nolita Private Viewing Garden
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