'Olivia' the European Olive Tree
'Olivia' the European Olive Tree

'Olivia' the European Olive Tree

$ 260.00

 This Limited Edition of Olivia the European Olive Tree in our new Dosenbo Wood Fired Planter is a quiet beauty that exudes stillness. Its beauty lies in its tiny imperfections with its gritty textured particles and wood-fired finish. Ceramic Artist Shimizu Yoshiyuki created a stone-carved aesthetic with this planter collaboration.

 I’m Olivia, the European Olive Tree. Since ancient times I’ve been a symbol of peace. My oblong leaves have a silvery sheen that help protect me from the harsh direct sun, and my trunk naturally twists when older. Just like my sunny habitat, I like full sun and tolerate warm locations. Keep me in temperatures above 50˚F all year, and away from heaters and air conditioners.

To water, submerge my pot up to the rim for 20 minutes. Do this about once every 7-10 days, and let me dry out a little between waterings. When it’s very hot, check my pot, as you may need to water me more frequently.

Symbolism: The olive branch is the symbol for peace. The practice of 'offering an olive branch' as a symbol of peace has been around since ancient roman times. Winners at the ancient Greek Olympics were crowned with an Olive wreath, it's the sacred tree of Goddess Athena and it was an olive branch that Noah's Dove carried in its mouth signifying the salvation of life on earth.

About the Planter:

This spectacular Dosenbo planter is handmade from the earth up in Dosenbo, Japan  just outside of the ancient capital of Nara.

The clay is hand harvested from the gritty earth of Dosenbo's mountains and wood-fired in an ancient type of tunnel kiln called Anagama for several days. The complex interaction of ash, salts, minerals in the clay and flame are what gives this wood-fired planter its unique characteristics. The result: a mysterious cornucopia of heavily textured minerals and particles of varying unpredictable darkness and lightness in color.

The Teppatsu shape of this planter is reminiscent of bowls Buddhists monks used to solicit food in ancient times.

Exclusively designed for Dandy Farmer and handmade by ceramic Artist Shimizu Yoshiyuki from the mountains of Dosenbo, Japan.


Pot Sizes (Diameter x Height x Opening Diameter)

(S) 4 3/4"D x 2 3/4"H x 4.5"O
(M) 5 1/4"D x 3 3/8"H x 4 7/8"O

Exact dimensions and pattern vary slightly due to hand-made process.